Poetry reveals deep emotion–emotion that would possibly stay hidden otherwise. There’s poetry in everything we do: The way you walk, the rhythm of your heart beat, the way you speak, the sound of your voice, relationships, work–they all involve poetry–a quality of beauty and special intensity of emotion given to the expression of feelings and ideas with distinctive style and rhythm, as Oxford intelligently describes. The questions are… Who are the people really brave enough to reveal their true thoughts and feelings? Does it matter how it’s revealed? Is the poet the brave one? ✍🏾


It’s Complicated

“It’s Complicated” is a lyrical, panoramic view of the life of Jonathan Hopkins–the complicated, multi-layered life of an easy going guy, told with complicated, multi-layered rhyme schemes. Yet, he makes it sound easy. It’s the perfect marriage of subject and medium.


Myreah attempts to let people who suffer from depression, oppression, self-harm, and any form of dejection that she thinks about them, she cares for them, and she sees them. She hopes that all can find the relatability to the message, and in turn, relay their empathy to the suffering parties. In the midst of a…

Morning Route

Myreah finds that the day is much smoother when she converses with her Father in the morning. Though speaking to our earthly father every morning may be joy for some, Myreah is referring to our Father in Heaven. When we encounter Jesus Christ every morning and ask God to direct our paths, we can trust…

Our Hosts

Myreah, The Poet

Myreah, The Poet is a Christian, wife, mom of five, writer, singer-songwriter, and more. She loves using her creativity to honor God. She is the cofounder of Eley Enforcement Entertainment, LLC and a host on Eley Christian Bible Study Podcast. She uses all her endeavors and talents to bring souls closer to Christ, and she works with her husband and family as a beautiful unit for a bigger and better cause.

Marcus Eley

Going by the name of caDASHtrophe, Marcus is a Christian, husband, father of five, writer, rapper, and more. He is a profound sneakerhead with a strong passion for Hip Hop, technology, and of course, honoring his Father in Heaven. He too is the cofounder of Eley Enforcement Entertainment, LLC, and he works with his wife, Myreah Eley, to continue spreading the Gospel of Christ.

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