Morning Route


Myreah finds that the day is much smoother when she converses with her Father in the morning. Though speaking to our earthly father every morning may be joy for some, Myreah is referring to our Father in Heaven. When we encounter Jesus Christ every morning and ask God to direct our paths, we can trust that God will do just that and have His Will in our lives each day. However, even when we forget, God is still right there protecting and shielding us from harm, leading and prompting us, and providing us with peace. When in a calm and submissive encounter with our Father in Heaven, we can let ourselves go, relax, and just release any stress, negativity, worry, or fear. Join Myreah, The Poet, and tune in to Morning Route to indulge, yet again, in a peaceful moment of praise and honor towards our Father.

Hi! Thanks for listening! I hope you come back again. πŸ™‚ Regular episodes are generally 5-10 minutes long. Use headphones when listening for the best experience. Listen in the morning to engage your brain, reflect, and stay in tune with your emotions and personal connections to the poem all day.


How many emotions, mixed messages, and interesting facts did you discover from this episode?

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Myreah, The Poet

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Nevada City by Huma-Huma

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