Myreah attempts to let people who suffer from depression, oppression, self-harm, and any form of dejection that she thinks about them, she cares for them, and she sees them. She hopes that all can find the relatability to the message, and in turn, relay their empathy to the suffering parties. In the midst of a pandemic or not, many suffer from this secret affliction, and many afflictions of this nature remain a secret until it’s too late. Join Myreah, The Poet, and tune in to Cuts to help empathize with those who just do not want to feel numb anymore.

Hi! Thanks for listening! I hope you come back again. 🙂 Regular episodes are generally 5-10 minutes long. Use headphones when listening for the best experience. Listen in the morning to engage your brain, reflect, and stay in tune with your emotions and personal connections to the poem all day.

How many emotions, mixed messages, and interesting facts did you discover from this episode?

Use the link below to send me a voice message telling me all about it.

Myreah, The Poet

IG & FB: @poetrynmotions

Photo: (slight alterations may have been made)


IRINA IRISER from Pexels

Music Credit: (slight alterations may have been made)

High Life by Royal Audio Tunes


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