It’s Complicated


“It’s Complicated” is a lyrical, panoramic view of the life of Jonathan Hopkins–the complicated, multi-layered life of an easy going guy, told with complicated, multi-layered rhyme schemes. Yet, he makes it sound easy. It’s the perfect marriage of subject and medium.


Jonathan Hopkins

Jonathan Hopkins is no stranger to the exquisite art of writing. He began wryting poetry at the age of 14 and continues to write over 35 years later. He has penned several short stories and over 300 pieces that range in style from sonnet to modern spoken word. His book, “Golden Dreams on Copper Wings: Life’s Flight Through Poetry” is a retrospective, often humorous, look at his life through the eyes of his pen. Jonathan was a fixture in the Washington, DC area poetry scene under the pseudonym “The Wryte One“. His peers have described him/his work as “genius“, “… one of the most prolific and fanatically-flowing writers I’ve met“, “neurotic word-play“, “the definition of poetry“, as well as countless other superlatives. Jonathan is also a gifted guitarist who has been playing since the age of 16. He has played with a plethora of local artists, performed in numerous venues, worked on several recorded projects and has even shared the stage with Eric Benet.  Jonathan hopes to express his life, his love and his Lord Jesus Christ through his gifts of “wryting” and music.


Hi! Thanks for listening! I hope you come back again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Regular episodes are generally 5-10 minutes long. Use headphones when listening for the best experience. Listen in the morning to engage your brain, reflect, and stay in tune with your emotions and personal connections to the poem all day.

How many emotions, mixed messages, and interesting facts did you discover from this episode?

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